1. How can I choose the right car?

ACRISS has devised a car coding system, the `ACRISS Code’, this identifies the features of a car so that you can be sure your client gets the same standard of car wherever they rent in Europe from an ACRISS Member.

2. My client needs a child safety seat, how can I order that?

ACRISS Members usually supply infant/child and baby seats in Europe. What they supply will usually depend on the age or weight of the child, so its best to check with your client.

3. How do I understand all the car rental jargon and abbreviations?

ACRISS Members have addressed this problem and provided definitions to help the booking process.

4. I don’t always use the same car rental company; do they all have the same vouchers?

ACRISS Members have agreed a standard voucher format so when you choose an ACRISS Member the voucher will be completed in the same way.

5. What if my client wants to change the return location after they have rented?

We realise that people change their mind for a number of reasons, however it is important that your client calls the RENTAL location to make the necessary changes. A further charge may be imposed and rates may become invalidated, particularly if the client fails to do this.

6. How do I know how much TAX/VAT a country charges on rentals?

ACRISS Members always load the local tax amounts in the Policy pages of the GDS.

7. Can I trust Availability in the GDS?

ACRISS Members provide information directly from their own system, so provided you include all the relevant information you should be confident that a car from the code you requested will be provided.

8. What is ACRISS doing for Travel Agents?

We are constantly addressing the needs of the travel industry and have influenced a number of GDS enhancements over the years to make your job easier, e.g standardised voucher formats. We now have a section on the website especially for Travel Agents. Contact Us if you have some suggestions for further improvement.

9. Can I book a delivery through the GDS?

Sometimes the car rental company needs information which cannot be carried through the GDS. Some companies may be able to assist you further….try checking DEL in your GDS.

10. Where do I find the address and telephone number of a rental office in Europe?

ACRISS Members provide all this information, and more, in the POLICY page of your GDS under your preferred Car Rental company.