ACRISS Constitution

ACRISS (formerly known as THE ASSOCIATION OF CAR RENTAL INDUSTRY SYSTEMS STANDARDS) helping to raise standards in Mobility Services including Car Rental and Vehicle with Driver Service Industries.

Original Constitution created in 1992 with the formation of ACRISS a European Economic Interest Group (EEIG).

The constitution has been updated over the years to meet new requirements legal or otherwise but the framework has not changed since its creation in 1992 and the original Establishment agreement and objects of the association of 1989.

At the end of 2020, the constitution was updated further with ACRISS' new legal status and name change to ACRISS UKEIG, a UK Economic Interest Group following Brexit.   At the same time the constitution was updated with modern terminology and legal requirements to meet and plan for the future but the main framework and objects remain the same as its formation in 1992.

To view and download ACRISS Constitution:  ACRISS UKEIG Constitution (1 June 2021)

CREATED 5 February 1992,
LAST REVISED 1 June 2021